YLEM Forum: ARCHIMEDIA from Australia

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 7:30 pm
McBean Theater, Exploratorium
3501 Lyon St.,
San Francisco, CA 94123

This is a FREE event, open to the public and wheelchair accessible

Sponsored by YLEM: Artists Using Science and Technology Contact:

Trudy Myrrh Reagan, trudymyrrh@earthlink.net, 650-856-9593

Molly Hankwitz and David Cox of Archimedia are here from Australia to present a formidable body of work, the result of a design and research collaboration that started in 1998. Using film and architecture, Archimedia uniquely interprets the overlap between digital media and architectural, public spaces in its lectures, performances and presentations. "Cities of the future," "blobchitecture," surveillance, hackers and "spaces of command and control" are some of the themes to be explored.


In their ongoing experiments in "Urban Strechnology" (the study of the street) they have come up with a "Tool Kit" for micro broadcasting. Their 15-minute infomercial boasts about it.

We'll also experience "Ambient Unities," a sound collage in which audio tracks, networked sounds, film sound tracks, Napster and live mix have been employed to comment on the modern city in film and political culture.

As well, they have experiments to show about "laptop cinema" and the small screen, which consisted of the screening and trading of cinema in public places during a series of workshops they gave. They’ll show a short film made on a wrist cam.

The Archimedia study, "Lost Cities/Spaces of Command and Control," looks at our 9/11 anxiety in relation to cities, fortress structures and networked culture. We'll see excerpts of it. Finally, "Space of Command and Control" looks at the Panopticon (they see all you do, you can't see them).

These will be followed by a discussion of your 21st century survival tools: "diy" navigation and personalized augmented reality.

Archimedia is David Cox, Melbournian digital media artist and award winning filmmaker and Molly Hankwitz, media artist, net and new media writer. They have presented at Artspace, (Sydney),Other Cinema, Artists Television Access, Gallery 21, Royal Institute of Melbourne, Brisbane Powerhouse, Metro Arts, ThisIsNotArt, and Straight Out of Brisbane festivals.



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