YLEM Forum: “Artists Remember 9/11”

Image from September 2001 YLEM 20th Anniversary show
“New York City Solstice” by Herbert Price.

Wednesday, September 20, 8 pm
doors open 7:30 pm

boca (Bar Of Contemporary Art)
414 Jessie Street
(between 5th & Mint, adjacent to the historical Mint building)
San Francisco, CA 94103
1 block from the Powell St. BART station
Street parking, or 5th & Mission Garage

Suggested donation sliding scale $5-10
Open to the public and wheelchair accessible

Sponsored by YLEM: Artists Using Science and Technology
Main office: PO Box 31923, San Francisco, CA 94131

Contact: Trudy Myrrh Reagan, forum@ylem.org


Two artists present explanations for 9/11 at variance with the official 9/11 Commission Report, one sober and factual, the other seriously funny. Also, artists present a proposal for a memorial in Shanksville, PA to Flight #93


Trudy Myrrh Reagan briefly reminisces about YLEM’s 20th anniversary celebration in 2001 held just days after 9/11, and displays the actual comments that people in attendance wrote on the wall about it in their state of shock.

Trudy Myrrh Reagan is YLEM’s founder.

Chuck Thurston, “Perception, Suggestion and Reality in the Destruction of the World Trade Center Towers - a look at how fear and mass media are combined to create false beliefs in large populations.”

After a brief but riveting overview of overwhelming evidence supporting the controversial explosive-demolition hypothesis of the destruction of the World Trade Center, Thurston will show how it is part of a long and continuing history of “false flag” provocations, ones which have propelled us into many wars.

Thurston is an independent artist and expert on high-end digital printing.

Frank Garvey, “The Real 9/11 Conspiracy - Solved!”

Surrealist Frank Garvey presents yet another 'conspiracy' theory on these events. Garvey believes that they flowed inexorably from the structural decisions of the ruling classes in the U.S., Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. In response to the revolutionary rise of Arab nationalism in the 1960's, these power structures have much in common behind the veils of their respective religions. They decided to siphon off the social discontent of poor masses in the Middle East into supposedly more impotent channels, with the help of very reactionary elements in Islam. Garvey’s theory spins off a whole series of outrageous branches and tentacles which will astound and outrage the most tolerant of attendees, no matter what their ideology, income level or hairstyle.

Frank Garvey has been delighting people with mordant humor and robotic mischief in his OmniCircus Junkyard Cabaret since 1988.

Paula Levine and Susan Schwartzenberg, “Currents: a proposal for a memorial to Flight #93.”

In the fall of 2005, artists Susan Schwartzenberg, Peter Richards and Paula Levine, in collaboration with landscape architect, Tom Leader, designed and submitted a proposal commemorating the crash of United Airlines, Flight #93. The plane originally departed from Newark, New Jersey, and was bound for Los Angeles California when it crashed in an open, nonresidential old mining field just outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The proposal was in response to an international call for submissions to design a commemorative to be located on the site of the plane crash. Currents was designed to counter the tendency of monuments to delimit and flatten history. It aimed to create an active commemorative that would grow and change over time using a design that incorporated a large reclamation project, education and research on site, and a large Global Positioning Satellite network of site embedded narratives that wove throughout the large memorial site.

Schwartzenberg and Levine will talk about this collaboration within a larger context of memorials and history, and explore culture’s current compulsion to memorialize prior to the necessary shift from visceral to collective cultural memory.

Susan Schwartzenberg, a senior artist at the Exploratorium, is a photographer and visual artist. Paula Levine, professor of conceptual and information arts at SFSU, specializes in locative media like uses of GPS and maps.


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