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Sonic Passage

In the Gallery, 3.3MB RealMedia.

A tribute to 20 years of Ylem and 20 years of minimalist music (tape delay and feedback systems) The installation is a tech-instument which tracks body movements to create musical compositions.
more details posting 6/01
GALLERY: Somarts Cultural Center, San Francisco.

Bytes of ART
and Other News Sources Said

In the Gallery, 3MB RealMedia.
In the Lab, 4MB RealMedia.

Sponsored by Digital Equipment Corp. [DEC]. Three Installation Environments networked to each other and the Internet in RealTime performances. Contributing Net Artists' Credits.

GALLERIES: Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco. ART TECH gallery, San Jose. Center for Visual Arts gallery, Oakland.


Private Loves
Public Opera

MOVIE (posting 8/02):
In the Gallery 4MB QT.

A tech-garden installation and web site collaboration, that collects private romances to create a public opera of revealed love for Internet audiences.
GALLERIES: McBean gallery, SF Art Institute, San Francisco.
ART TECH gallery, San Jose.

Angels & Aliens

Window Installation, 2.7MB AVI.
Monitor Detail, 2.6MB QT."
In the Gallery, 421KB GIF89.

Explores the discussions between alien and 'religious' visitation. Barbara Lee explains, "I have never seen anything unusual in the sky, nor met anyone from another world or been forcibly taken by anything non-human. The only abduction I experienced was a couple in Oregon who kidnapped me - luckily I got away.

What I have witnessed throughout my life is the growth of a cultlike following with mythic-styled stories of techno-gods replacing realms of imagination in US popular culture previously held by religion."
GALLERY: Artists Television Access, San Francisco.

The CHAT Project

Phase I DV movie interviews,
Phase II MOMA installation,
Phase III web site

Began in 1995, CHAT is a digital database documenting the social changes in women's lives as it relates to the evolution in communication technology.
GALLERY: San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts SF MOMA.

Read What MIT's Leonardo Electronic Almanac [LEA] Said

MOVIE (posting 9/02):
In the Gallery, 4MB QT.

DW is a digital deconstruction chamber. The chamber contains my dream journey, a rite of transition, and a process whereby Western "structures" of thought and action are dismantled to enable Cherokee relational consciousness and modes of reflection so dreaming can take place.

The earthen path below fades away into a cloud of atmosphere. You see yourself floating on the cloud until it's vapors engulf your vision. Sense the vehicles which express the unconscious mind: the sacred movement of circumambulation, the power of the voice, breath, and the drumming beat of your heart.

Electro Healing

MOVIE (posting 9/02):
In the Gallery, 4MB QT.

An Interactive Installation created in CCAC's "Electronic Media" course. Our collaborative class project was exhibited inside Tomorrow's Realities. Instructor: Joanne Gillerman.

GALLERY: Siggraph, floor exhibit. Anaheim, CA.