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Angels & Aliens
by Barbara Lee

From the dawn of mankind to the present, humanity has sought out a means to express the inexpressible, especially in times of great uncertainty.

As we approach the year 2000 our scientific focus has virtually eradicated our spiritual beliefs. Society revived belief in the only realm science could not disprove: Alien Visitation.

The real question as it appears to me is a matter of origin. Is the phenomena an external manifestation or an internal one?

In my own life, I manifest my needs and fulfill them daily. I need and within an matter of time the need is fulfilled. For example: I need a table, the next day the exact style of table that I need presents itself of the sidewalk with a "free" sign on it. Was this an act of some sort of guardian angel or ET? Or was this simply a focused and articulated desire fulfilling itself?"

The reception/performance was an extension of Barbara Lee's full-house art project at ATA, and involved performance artist Casy Jones-Bastiaans followed by testimonials from an alien abductee John Hughes. The evening was netcasted using C-U SeeMe software.

The web site collected visitation testimonies and provided links (via the Checkmate visual image map above) to 32 Angel and 32 Alien sites.
The web site expanded the project beyond the galleries geographic boundaries into a conceptual process where 'active links' in the chessboard linked believers to others with like beliefs or new ones. A site where individuals create a communal aesthetic, a historical artifact, through contributing either 'visitation' stories or 'skeptic' sentiments.