Eleanor Kent is an artist living and working in San Francisco and online. Her art combines high tech tools and ancient handwork:computers,copiers,pens and knitting needles.

Her website can be viewed at www.eleanorkent.net

"My work is a combination of handmade textiles and high technology: I knit fractal designs and mathematical formulae. Although the correspondence of pixel to stitch is not precise in my wall hangings and scarves, the experience of translating the designs into knitted fabrics gives me an understanding of how computer images are constructed and illuminates the connection between discrete stitches and the turning on and off of electronic pulses. It allows me to ruminate on fractals as boundaries, the infinite self-replication inherent in fractal makeup, and the exquisite order in what was originally perceived as chaos, or at least complexity beyond comprehension.

The experience also makes me more visually aware, better able to read complex information-laden, pixel-built images. Finally, by knitting computer designs, making 'soft hardcopy', I enjoy re-connecting the exhilarating discoveries of computer science with the mythic, ancient world of making cloth."

--Eleanor Kent
San Francisco, 1997 ekent@well.com


All images © 1996 by Eleanor Kent.
Photos courtesy of the artist.

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