Mike Mosher's

Community Art Machines

Michigan Works 2000-2004:

The digital mural proposal "bA2cchus '70" (2000) prefigured a move to Michigan, where I began teaching at Saginaw Valley State University. The drawing series "Pages from My Father's Unfinished Textbook" was exhibited in three group shows in 2001. A 7' x 50' mural was completed with youth at Trinity St. John Center, Saginaw MI in 2002.

Last California Works 1997-1999:

These artworks include the hypertext kiosk Flight Paths (1997), the internet classroom collaboration Friscawai'i (1998), the virtual world PosadaSpace (1998-) and the Market Street Carnival murals in the lobby of San Francisco's Grant Building (1999).

Other works include the mural Transistor Healing Elvis (1998), the installations of the Biotechnology Zone (1993 - 1998) and Guitar Army Brat (1998).

I define what Community Art Machines are anyway, provide a gallery of illustrative line Drawings, and a portfolio of onscreen Design work for technology clients.

Finally, some recent studio Paintings.

The collection of Mosherllanea includes news, political art, works in progress.


Works to 1996:


Media that interest me are the ones that create visually-rich and figurative narrative information spaces. My work in Comics, Community Murals and Computer media--and writings about them and their convergence that I predict and champion--is found among The Three C's--whose intersection, I now realize, is the realm of Community Art Machines!

Some endeavors inspired by Michigan boyhood are grouped as Ann Arbor Works.

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These pages have grown iteratively since 1995, artworks accruing upon them, so please don't expect uniformity.

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March, 2004

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