DevilsFood Daniel

I have previously focused upon History, both national (Christopher Cumulonimbus, 1991) and personal ("The SelfReferenteum", 1988). Now following the HyperCard-assisted musical/spoken performance "@narchy A2rbor", which examined my Michigan childhood and adolescence, I meditate upon my college years. "DevilsFood Daniel" is a HyperCard-driven interactive kiosk concerning my 1973-77 memories of Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. I remember the filmmaker Stan Brakhage thundering at a lecture there in 1975 "Dartmouth College has never produced a true artist!". Correct or not, the College has produced its own unique art form: the Daniel Webster portrait. Turn any corner on the campus and you are confronted with yet another version of the stern visage of its favorite son staring from a painting or sculpted bust. Now I merge Daniel W. into a self-portrait of my own, his cerebral dome an electronic container for my own feelings and recollections about our shared alma mater. Simple hypermedia links are forged between the negative (Devils), positive (Food) and net results or synthesis (the Danielization) of my experience.

"DevilsFood Daniel" debuted at FISEA, the Fourth International Symposium of Electronic Art, in Minneapolis MN November 1993, in the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Gallery. It was subsequently exhibited at ACM Multimedia '94 in San Francisco in October 1994.

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