Cisco Systems:


The logic of the entire Access Business Unit's web site was mapped (with collaborator Mark Jordan) to give a hierarchy of information, from the most general to the most specific and technical.

Photography and a color scheme was adapted from Cisco's print campaign, to create active and informational interface elements. Simple new icons were designed.






After exploration of metaphorical concepts of hard disk "security" and data "mirroring", I designed a suite of application icons (32 x 32 and 16 x 16 pixels) and the Windows application's wizard graphic.


Main menu for a CD-ROM of aviation regulations, grouped by their regulatory agency of origin.

Limited redesign of client's toolbar, grouping exisiting icons by function, adding color to navigation. Design of icons including client's logo on Menu icon, a "funnel" for a synopsis of the regulation, and adaptation of a cartoon lawyer as an icon for legal opinions.

Art directing projects at Metatec I often cut production costs by choosing appropriate graphics for splash screens (2D photo-collages vs. 3D renderings) and redesigning Main Menu screens rather than endlessly revising them.

Apple Computer:

Illustrative graphics and screen design to adapt an existing instructional Tour of the Macintosh to the Apple Portable (1989), emphasizing portability and detailed, diverse animated characters.

IBM Almaden Research Center:

In the User Systems Ergonomic Research I animated icons for COACH, an online intelligent help system later incorporated into OS/2.

I delivered a workshop "Comics for Computer Scientists", and have contributed artwork to the New Paradigms for Using Comptuers symposium.

As a Designer for onscreen instruction and information since 1984,


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