Market Street Carnival
Digital Murals by Mike Mosher 1998

"Market Street Carnival" is a three-panel environment of digitally-output cartoon murals in the lobby of the Grant Building, 1095 Market Street on the southeast corner of Seventh Street in the San Francisco Civic Center neighborhood. The lobby is open weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Grant Building management requested the murals resemble 1920s newspaper cartoons. After much research in the San Francisco Public Library History Room, the California Historical Society Library and elsewhere, compositions of over a hundred personages from San Francisco labor, political scandal and vaudeville 1880-1930 were assembled.

Ink drawings 8" x 12" and 9" x 8" were scanned and tinted sepia upon the Macintosh in Adobe PhotoShop. The digital files were then output in a process that sprays jets of acrylic paint upon 8' x 12' and 9' x 8' panels of vinyl fabric by billboard printer Metromedia Technologies of Los Angeles. The panels were then installed upon the walls of the historic building (built 1904) by billposters from the Eller Company.