Immaculata College Course/SCAN '95 Study Questions (10/29/95):

This introduction to my Web page was originally intended to complement the presentation by Rebecca Mercuri, Sister Jean Anthony and Joseph Reilly at SCAN '95, the Small Computers in the Arts Network, Philadelphia PA, November 1995. Their presentations and mine were part of the Immaculata College graduate special topics workshop "Technology in the Creative Arts Therapies". The Study Questions below are intended to aid the students of Immaculata College in discussing my artworks and the significant issues I hope they raise. They may remain useful to others trying to figure out what I'm all about.

Study Questions:

1) Discuss the use of figuration in Mike's work. How it springs from the community murals traditions of the past quarter-century and moves beyond it. What other movements or media do you see having influenced him? Explore: Pop Art, Cubism, Punk, comics.

2) One of Mike's professors once called him a "moralist" in comparison with other artists. How does his work show a conviction of right and wrong in society, relations between people within it?

3) Discuss the aspects and themes in Mike's work that are autobiographical or autopsychoanalytical. What are other artists' instances of the lifelong use of music and art as paths of exploration to the essential self?

4) Do you agree with the statement that "the best world, time and work to study is one's own", rather than Shakespeare's, etc.?

5) Develop an argument that Mike's art is about oppositions and their interfaces:

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