Community Murals in San Francisco 1981-82:
County Jail #2, St. Peter's School, 16th Street

This is a detail from four walls I painted in the San Fancisco County Jail #2 Visitors' Area, which included images I sketched on visits to the jail (inmate and visitng infant), some imagined (metaphors of bad communication) and some provided by prisoners or suggested by staff.
Painted 1982 but destroyed in 1987 upon a change in Jail administration.

When serving as the San Francisco Art Commission's last full-time (CETA-funded) Community Muralist in early 1981, I organized the Club Latino at St. Peter's School in the painting of this mural. Imagery was selected and assembled by the Eighth Graders in the club, including the notable image of the nations of Central America as a river passing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

"The Mission Reds at WoodWard's Gardens" juxtaposed images from San Francisco baseball of the 1930s--the Mission's own Pacific Coast League team played at Recreation Park three blocks from the mural's site--with an amusement park two blocks from there in the 1860s through1890s.
Painted 1982, Albion at Sixteenth Street, but obliterated 1987 when building ownership changed.

See also the Laguna Honda Hospital Murals (1990).

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