Cartoon History of Cyberspace

I have been comtemplating a cartoon history of cyberspace.
Here are a few sketches inspired by the writings of Ted Nelson & his team's Xanadu work, which gets snide flak from the business press for not yet having taken the money & ran (turned his provocative ideas into commercial products). At this time these cartoons are all copyright (c) Mike Mosher 1997 and not to be used without written permission of the artist.
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Can technology help humanity bridge "The Two Cultures" of which Lord Snow wrote, a world where the sciences and the arts aren't on speaking terms...?

One influential scientist, shortly after WWII, proposed interlinked desktop information machines.

Not only did Doug prototype word- and outline processing, the mouse as a desktop computer pointing device and the Graphic User Interface with onscreen windows back in the 1960s, but he also proposed...

...yes, LINKS between anchor points within different documents! The backbone of hypertext!
One younger intellectual attentive to these possibilities was Ted Nelson.

Ted saw a hypertext publishing system as a means where different versions of documents could live simultaneously for comparison and revision. His team buckled down to work until the "Model T" Enfilade filing system, part of his greater vision of Xanadu (TM), was built.

Roger and Mark made their significant contributions to the vision.

Meanwhile, personal computer technology began to implement some of Engelbart's ideas...but often in quirky ways with confusing terminology.

And although the hounds and wolves of criticism yap and nip at Ted's heels, work on the Xanadu Publishing System continues!

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