"Shaping San Francisco" Painted Kiosk Backdrops for Public Multimedia Exhibition

Some research for the Market Street Carnival murals was done in the Grant Building office of Cloverleaf Multimedia, using their alternative history CD-ROM "Shaping San Francisco" and other resources.

In 1998 I also painted two mural-like kiosk backdrops for Cloverleaf Multimedia. These are not facades with a window for the computer screen but instead painted panels behind and around the computer on which the disk runs in public exhibition.

One tabletop backdrop depicts the 19th century street crazy Emperor Joshua Norton holding his two dogs Bummer and Lazarus. It was considered too disturbing by Modern Times Bookstore when "Shaping San Francisco" was exhibited there.

The second, into which a multimedia computer is rolled on a cart, is based on a famous 1900s photo of three Market Street newsboys, a representative group that's Scandanavian, Irish and Black. It was used when the disk was shown at the main San Francisco Public Library.

Grant Building Lobby

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