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December 26, 2008

Art/Science Evening Rendezvous in San Francisco

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Leonardo ISAST invites you to a meeting of the Leonardo Art/Science community.

Like previous evenings the agenda includes some presentations of art/science projects, a couple of brief “news”, and time for casual socializing/networking.

Feel free to forward to relevant acquaintances.

Please RSVP to p@scaruffi.com. Admission is limited.

When: January 12, 2009 at 6pm

Where: Downtown facilities of SFSU, San Francisco
(RSVP for detailed address and directions)

6:00pm-6:45pm: Socializing/networking.
6:45-7:10: Steve Wilson (Artist and Author) on “Overview of Art and Biology Experimentation”
7:10-7:35: Dor Abrahamson of Berkeley’s Embodied Design Research Lab on “Close Listening to Gesture – An Embodied-Design Perspective on Mathematical Reasoning”
7:35-7:50: BREAK
7:50-8:15: Kavita Philip and Beatriz da Costa on “Tactical Biopolitics
8:15-8:45: Paul Rabinow of UC Berkeley’s College of Letters & Science on “Ars Synthetica”.
8:45-9:30: More socializing, Q/A

Call for papers and artworks – ACM SIGGRAPH 2009/Leonardo

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Call for papers and artworks – ACM SIGGRAPH 2009/Leonardo

Leonardo/ACM SIGGRAPH 2009 Special Issue

Featuring SIGGRAPH 2009 Art Papers and Juried Art Gallery

Guest Editor: Jacquelyn Martino

We are now accepting submissions for a forthcoming special issue of Leonardo. The issue will feature SIGGRAPH 2009 Art Papers and the SIGGRAPH 2009 Juried Art Gallery, “Biologic: A Natural History of Digital Life.”

SIGGRAPH Art Papers present work that illuminates and explores the process of making art and its place in society, helping people understand the changing roles of artists and art-making in our increasingly computerized, networked, multi-sensory, online world. The papers present challenging ideas in accessible ways. They inform artistic disciplines, set standards and stimulate future trends. In addition to the core topics of the digital arts and interactive techniques, Art Papers explore the theme of SIGGRAPH 2009’s juried art gallery, BioLogic Art.

The BioLogic exhibition, chaired by Elona Van Gent, will showcase work by artists who engage technology and the natural world in their creative processes. The artworks and installations chosen for the exhibition will demonstrate, celebrate, critique and conjecture about the flux of natural and technological forces. Plants and animals, insects and even the weather have long served as subjects of study and as metaphors for human experience. Technological gadgetry and digital code are amplifying our understanding of organic processes and enhancing our innate capabilities. Grafting these together–things occurring naturally with those altered or modified—offers opportunities for novel expressions of life as we know it or imagine it to be.

BioLogic will focus on projects that graft together biological forms and systems with mechanical equipment, electronic instruments, robotic devices and digital code and networks that amplify our understanding of organic processes and enhance our natural capacities, allowing us to explore expressions of life as we know it or imagine it to be. Artworks selected for the Juried Art Gallery will also appear in the special issue.

Publication of the special issue, Leonardo Volume 42, Issue 4 (August 2009), will coincide with the SIGGRAPH 2009 conference in New Orleans (3-7 August 2009).

Submission deadlines are at 22:00 UTC/GMT

Art Papers, Thursday, 8 January 2009

BioLogic Art, Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Submission details available online:

Submiting to Sessions
Submiting Art Papers
Submiting Biologic Art
Submiting to the Art Gallery
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