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February 24, 2008

Member News: Interview with Michael Wright

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Michael Wright is interviewed by the The New Media Consortium and featured at their “Teachers Buzz” session at the Otis Island in second life with his Virtual World Project, an intersection of academic and corporate realities – on 3D production and the ontology of immersive online communities.

The project was to develop and create content for an environment based on a class-developed theme on the Otis Island in Second Life, a massively multi-user online environment wherein users assume the point-of-view of customizable avatars, 3D characters created to represent users and to serve as proxies in interactions, to navigate through user-generated 3D rendered worlds.

The project required students to use team building, out-of-the-box creative thinking, 3D and 2D virtual tools as well as to work with a budget (3000 lindens per class), and with a limited amount of building blocks (3100 primitives per class). Each team/class proceeded to develop a production pipeline and a theme for their area. Three hours of in-class time and ten hours of outside of class time were devoted to this project. None of the 55 students had previous Second Life experience.


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