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June 25, 2008

YLEM Forum 7/16: New Paints

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Precita Eyes Mural Arts

Wednesday, July 16, 8 pm
YLEM Forum: New Paint
SomArts Gallery
934 Brannan St. between 8th & 9th Sts.
San Francisco, CA

Free, Open to the public, Wheelchair accessible

Paint technologies expand the ways artists can paint, and newer products resist the ravages of time better. Unusual capabilities of Golden Paints will be demonstrated by Golden Paint expert Judy Gittleson, and an acrylic paint that becomes united with the wall surface will be described by Susan Cervantes, the well-known San Francisco muralist of Precita Eyes. Both women will show interesting bodies of work and describe their history of community activism.


Judy Gittleson gives a Golden Paint Demonstration that includes:
Golden Historical colors (some hues that were on the palettes of earlier painters), a variety of gels and textures, and varnishes for mural paintings. Finally, she will show the new “Mix More Media” products for artists mixing digital media with painting. With it, you can coat papers or create “skins” that can be run through a digital printer. The result can be manipulated manually. A porous top coat on the image allows you to paint on top of it.

Gittleson is a Golden Artist Colors Working Artist in Northern California. She recently opened an art studio, Art For Well Beings, where she presents demonstrations and workshops on Golden Acrylics. As well, she holds workshops to teach art to developmentally disabled individuals, people recovering from illness or injury and at-risk youth. She has enabled groups to produce community murals. Her work can be seen in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists’ Gallery and have been published in TIME magazine and Metropolitan Home Magazine.

Susan Kelk Cervantes, the energetic visionary who is behind many of the community murals you may have seen in San Francisco, describes the new 3poly-fresco2 mural technique. The 3polyfresco2 mural process is similar to the traditional true fresco technique of painting on a wet plaster surface. When the wet plaster surface that has been painted dries the paint crystallizes and becomes embedded into the wall. Instead of staying on the surface of the wall the painting becomes a part of the wall. The use of an acrylic paste in place of the lime putty used in traditional fresco is one of the main differences.

Cervantes, a 36-year veteran of the SF community mural art movement, is the founder and director of the Precita Eyes Muralists in the Mission District of San Francisco. Established in 1977, Precita Eyes is one of only a handful of community mural arts centers in the United States. Influenced by the Mujeres Muralistas, the first collaborative group of women muralists, Cervantes has applied the same process of accessible, community art to any size mural or age group through community mural workshops. Cervantes is responsible for more than 200 murals considered some of the finest in the country. She is dedicated to enhancing the environment through the creation of murals while involving and educating the community about the process and history of public community mural art. Her deep commitment to collaboration guarantees that the creative work produced is accessible, both physically and conceptually, to the people whose lives it impacts.

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