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September 21, 2008

Leonard Shlain

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HarperCollins, the publisher of Art & Physics, has reissued the book with a new cover and Shlain wrote a few additional chapters. Increasingly, art schools and universities are using it as a source book.

Shlain’s speaking engagements this fall will be a weekend workshop from Oct 17th to the 19th at Esalen in Big Sur. He will be discussing Leonardo’s Brain along with other books in a free ranging discussion. Shlain will be a speaker at the Idea Festival in September in Louisville, Kentucky.  

Sept: 24 Guest on the Dr. Mehmet Oz show associated with Oprah
Sept: 27 Idea Festival, Louisville KY 2:30-3:30 PM Sex, Time and Power

Oct: 3-5 Norman and Lyn Lear’s Salon Shaftsbury, VT. Invitation only. 
Oct: 17th-19th Esalen, Leonardo’s Brain, weekend workshop Big Sur, CA
Oct: 23 Partner’s Conference, Keynote, Leonardo’s Brain, Banker’s Club
Bank of America Bldg. SF, CA. Invitation Only 

Nov: 6-9 Mediterranean Association of International Schools Keynote
Madrid, Spain. Sex, Time and Power www.mais-web.org
Nov: 11-12 Fusion Project Keynote UC Davis Art & Physics 

Dec: 1 Norman and Lyn Lear’s Salon, Los Angeles, CA. Invitation only.

Nice review of Leonardo’s Brain, in September 2008’s issue, of Marin Magazine. 

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