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September 21, 2008

Nancy Worthington

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NANCY WORTHINGTON, www.domjoy.com

exhibits “Red”  in Banned & Recoveredartists respond to censorship

 at San Francisco Center for the Book
August 15 to November 26


 RED” © 2008 by Nancy Worthingtonwww.domjoy.com

Mixed-media interactive kinetic wall relief with sound

8 ft. (length) x 4ft (height) x 10ft(depth)


RED“, an allegorical romp though Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s frightening tale Little Red Cap (better known as Little Red Riding Hood).  In my artwork, RED, the themes of deception, disguise, fear, intrigue, sexism, predator vs. prey, victor vs. vanquished, and the theme of rescue are now transformed to the 21st Century 2008 political landscape. Little Red Riding Hood is now Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama becomes the duality of both the Wolf and the Woodsman and Bill Clinton is the Mother/Grandmother.  Created specfically for this invitational exhibition, the artwork is constructed to look like an open book, hinged in the middle. Through the use of a series of brightly colored three-dimensional scenes containing playful objects and interactive games, I lead the viewer/participant through the revised narrative. 


Banned & Recoveredartists respond to censorship

San Francisco Center for the Book

and the African American Museum and Library at Oakland
Hanna Regev, curator

San Francisco Center for the Book
August 15 to November 26

opening reception: Friday, August 15, 6–8pm
gallery hours: Mon–Fri, 10–5; Sat 12–4
300 De Haro Street, 16th Street entrance
San Francisco  415.565.0545  www.sfcb.org

African American Museum and Library at Oakland

September 5 to December 31
opening reception: Friday, September 5, 6:30–9pm
gallery hours: Tues–Sat, 12–5:30
659 14th Street
Oakland, CA 510.637.0200  





Charles Schulz Information Center, University Library Art Gallery, Sonoma State University, 1801 E. Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA
You are invited to Artist Reception and Voter Registration Party
September 25, 2008 from 4 to 6 P.M  The exhibit will continue through November 5.
“USDA Certified” (from the George Dubya series)
Mixed-media kinetic construction, 6′(h)x 2′(w)x 3′(d)
With the 2008 election looming, voters need to be concerned again with the voting certification process.
USDA Certified” delves into the disputed certificationof the ballots in our country’s first presidential election (in 2000) of the 21st century. Consider the absurdity of living in the information age and the age of technology with the very process of casting the ballot and voting conducted in such an archaic and antiquated manner, that the election statistically hung in the balance by a few chads (with punching holes in a paper card and having to check the tallies by hand-counting one by one.)
In “USDA Certified” I have chosen to depict this historic dilemma by juxtaposing the food certification process and the electoral certification process.  Both inspections of meats and inspection of ballots are riddled with confusion and corruption”


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