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April 6, 2008

Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER)

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SFSU, downtown San Francisco, CA: May 12, 2008

LASER events are part of a series of cultural events about Artists and Scientists who work/think/imagine/engage at the intersections of the Arts and Science by Leonardo/ISAST.

6:00pm-6:30: Socializing/networking.

6:30-6:45: Welcome by Jeff Babcock (Executive Director of the International Center for the Arts, SFSU, and Leonardo ISAST board member) and Piero Scaruffi, organizer of the LASER events.

6:45-7:15: Ken Goldberg, Director of the Berkeley Center for New Media on “Robots as Naturalists”. Ken will present experiments and questions raised by robots and social networks, ranging from ouija boards to human “tele-actors,” and tell a true story about how invasions of privacy led him and his students to investigate how robots can assist in monitoring the natural environment. He’ll describe a robotic system that they’ve deployed to assist the search for the ivory billed woodpecker, a bird of extreme interest to birdwatchers, ornithologists, and conservationists, whose last confirmed sighting was in 1944. Ken will also present the manifesto of the Berkeley Center for New Media and propose a new and hopefully controversial definition of “media.”

7:15-7:45: Carlo Sequin on “Knotty Sculptures”.

7:45-8:00: Richard Rinehart, Curator of the Berkeley Art Museum, on the forthcoming UC Berkeley Art Museum, on the forthcoming UC Berkeley “Big Bang” conference. Berkeley’s New Media Center and Leonardo ISAST are organizing a two-day academic conference, to be held in June 2008 at the Berkeley Museum. Richard will present the Berkeley Day of the conference (first day of the conference).

8:00-8:20: Kris Paulsen, grad student at Berkeley Center for New Media on “Participation TV”. Kris will examine a sequence of projects from the 1960s, to the present ways in which artists have worked to reverse the unidirectional structure of broadcast television. These artists introduce feedback into the networks by disrupting broadcasts, “hijacking” programs through pseudo-events and hostile takeovers, and by developing their own multi-directional systems that challenge the television viewer’s traditionally passive role. Exploiting the potential for liveness on television news, CCTV, and public access, the discussed artists attempt to develop direct contact between viewers and event, so that originally disparate and passive consumers of broadcast media become active participants in a reflexively networked crowd.

8:20-8:40:Trevor Paglen of the Department of Geography University of California at Berkeley on “The Other Night Sky”. Artist/geographer Trevor Paglen will talk about his recent project to track and photograph 189 classified “moons” (reconnaissance satellites) in Earth orbit. Along the way, he introduces us to an international network of satellite observers, tracks the history of two “stealth” satellites, and contemplates the relationship between classical empiricism and democracy.

8:45-9:45: Discussions, more socializing.

Space is limited. Please RSVP to Piero Scaruffi: p [at] scaruffi.com


April 5, 2008

Member News: Andrew Werby presents at Sculpture Numerique et Biomorphisme

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3D images by Andrew Werby

YLEM member Andrew Werby presented his work at the French conference “Sculpture Numerique et Biomorphisme” (Digital Sculpture and Biomorphis) in October of last year. The conference featured artists from around the world who are wrestling with technology and trying to relate it to the natural world. He wrote and interesting article about his experience there on his blog.

March 29, 2008

Member Events: Myrrh presents The Culmination

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An Essential Mystery: Minds Have Wanderlust by Myrrh

Spanning almost two decades, Myrrh’s exploration of Essential
Mysteries in science has reached its culmination with the painting,
“Minds Have Wanderlust.” She is holding a celebratory exhibit.

April 1 to May 24, 2008

hours: M-F 10-3 and by appointment
Saturday, by appointment
Champagne reception, April 6, 2-5 pm

Canessa Gallery
708 Montgomery
San Francisco, CA 94111


March 26, 2008

Member Events: Misako Akimoto’s Tonal Words — Portraits of Women Artists

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Trudy Myrrh Reagan
leaning over her painting,
“Emergence”, on the light table,
by Misake Akimoto
Tonal Words
Portraits of Women Artists
by Misako Akimoto
Berkeley Public Library
2090 Kittridge at Shattuck
Downtown Berkeley
March 3 – April 31

Award-winning photojournalist Misako Akimoto exhibits stunning black
and white silver prints featuring local Bay Area women, including
Trudy Myrrh Reagan, working in a range of art forms including
sculpture, dance and music. All are cordially invited to the reception
to meet the photographer and artists.

March 9, 2008

Member Events: Torrey Nommesen at Live Worms

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Torrey Nommesen and Jack Perkins

Wednesday March 12th and Thursday 13th
Open from 1pm to 11pm.
Openings at 7pmish both nights.

Live Worms Gallery
1345 Grant Avenue
(between Green St & Vallejo St)
North Beach, San Francisco, CA 94133

March 8, 2008

YLEM Forum: Math, Art and Religion

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Wednesday, March 19th
SomArts Gallery
934 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA

Open to the public! Free! Doors open at 6:00. Come early and chat!

At this forum we will be speaking about Math, Art and Religion. We will explore the history of mathematics and it’s interaction with art and religion, and then we’ll explore some creative uses of math in making art.

Dr. Neville Roberts is Professor of Mathematics at San Francisco State University, where he has taught since 1982. He completed his Ph.D. in
Mathematics at the Polytechnic University of New York in 1972. He is the author of a textbook and numerous research articles in number theory, his field of specialization. The courses he has taught include the history of mathematics. He will be speaking about the history of Art, Math and Religion.

Mary Teetor member of YLEM’s Special Interest Group on Patterns, makes tessellating patterns in intricate embroidery, and labyrinth medallions in beadwork. She has a clever algorithm to invent new hexagonal labyrinth designs. She will be presenting material for a new book that she is working on.

Members please note the new place and earlier time!
You will find lots of on-street parking. SomArts requests that you do not park in their driveway. The Gallery is at the rear.

March 5, 2008

Call for Entries: Electrohype 2008

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The fifth biennial for computer based and technological art in Malmö Konsthall from November 2008 to January 2009

Deadline: April 18th 2008 – material sent via ordinary mail should be postmarked by this date.
You will find a link to online and PDF application forms further down on this page, but please read the information carefully first.

Electrohype 2008 will be the fifth biennial for computer-based art in Sweden. Electrohype is pleased to announce this call for entries for the exhibition that will be a follow up to the previous large Electrohype exhibitions in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006.

The exhibition will for the second time take place at Malmö Konsthall (also 2004). The duration of the biennial will be from mid November 2008 to beginning of January 2009. Malmö Konsthall was opened in 1975 and is one Europe’s largest and most flexible exhibition halls for contemporary art. The annual number of visitors are approximately 200 000.

The exhibition will present works by 5 – 8 artists or artist groups. To give the exhibition a broad perspective we are looking for Nordic as well as international artists.

Important dates
Deadline for this call for entries April 18th 2008
Exhibition opening mid November 2008
Exhibition closing beginning of January 2009
Exact date will soon be announced.

What kind of art are we looking for?
Electrohype has since the start in 1999 focused on what we choose to call computer based art. Art that runs of computers and utilizes the capacity of the computer to mix various media, allow interaction with the audience, or machines interacting with each others etc. in other words art that can not be transferred to “traditional” linear media. This might seem as a narrow approach but we have discovered that it gives us a better focus on a genre that in no way is narrow.

We are not looking for “straight” video art (even if it is edited on a computer) or still images rendered on computers and other material that refers to more “traditional” media forms. Forms were the traditional tools have been replaced with computers and software.

Curators for the biennial are Anna Kindvall and Lars Gustav Midbøe.

You can submit with our online form or download the application form as PDF-file. You have to use one of these two forms to submit to our call.

NOTE: Please do NOT send documentation material as attachments via e-mail. Put your material online and send us the download URL or ftp address, or send us a CD or similar in the mail. Do NOT send 8 pages CVs and only complement with enclosures if it is necessary.

Please read the form and follow the guidelines. We receive a large amount of proposals and all of them are reviewed closely. To be able to do this we ask you to follow the structure in the application form and the topics mentioned above.

Due to a limited budget we will encourage everyone submitting material to look for possibilities for local funding to help cover costs for transport, travel and rent of technical equipment. This is not a requirement but a request; external funding can help us during the financial planning. The quality of the artwork will always be the determining element.

Electrohype covers all expenses, within reasonable limits, and also pays an artist honorarium to participating artists. Electrohype does not support development and production of unfinished artworks.

In previous exhibitions we have managed to keep a high level both in artistic content and exhibition design, even on a modest budget. It is therefore very important for us to avoid unpleasant surprises, so please keep this in mind when filling out the various posts in the form, especially when it comes to technical requirements, transport weight etc.

We are looking forward to see new and interesting works of art.

Please feel free to contact Electrohype if you have any questions or need additional information

February 27, 2008

Call for Entries: LESS REMOTE

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Less Remote Heading

Leonardo is pleased to announce co-sponsorship of:

LESS REMOTE: The Futures of Space Exploration – An Arts and Humanities Symposium

Glasgow, September 30 – October 3, 2008

Call for submissions deadline: March 1, 2008

Less Remote is an international symposium scheduled to run parallel with the 2008 International Astronautical Congress (IAC).
In association with The Arts Catalyst, Leonardo and OLATS.
Co-sponsored by IAA Commission VI.

This symposium will offer a forum in which specialists from many disciplines will be invited to consider the future of space exploration in the context of our current understanding of social, economic and technological imperatives. One of the aims of the symposium is to foster a dialogue and exchange between the cultural and space communities.

Speakers from the Space Science & Engineering and Arts & Humanities communities will present keynote lectures on space exploration and its possible futures. Papers are also invited from the broad constituency of interest among artists, cultural analysts and historians, who have examined the wider implications of the scientific exploration of space for the better part of a century.

For more information on the symposium, please visit:

For more information on the 2008 IAC, please visit:


Practitioners, scholars and postgraduates in any relevant discipline are invited to submit abstracts that explore the following strands.

Cultures and Space: Highlighting the multiplicity of cosmologies that currently hold sway in the world, and considering the consequences of a tacit consensus on the range of opportunities for future space exploration

The Introspective Urge: Focusing on humankind’s image of itself as a determinant of space technology, and the impact of a changing self-image – for example as a consequence of ubiquitous global communications – on future space science

Leaving a Trace: Technical and ethical debate on the impact we have already had on the local solar system, and how our views will affect the possible future of space science and engineering

Living Space: Consideration of the continuity between the needs of humans on earth and the possible demands of spacefarers in remote and often hostile environments

Submission Guidelines:

Each session will consist of two invited presentations, two selected presentations, and a moderated discussion. Of the invited presentations, one will be solicited from within the space community, and the other from the arts community.

February 24, 2008

Member News: Interview with Michael Wright

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Michael Wright is interviewed by the The New Media Consortium and featured at their “Teachers Buzz” session at the Otis Island in second life with his Virtual World Project, an intersection of academic and corporate realities – on 3D production and the ontology of immersive online communities.

The project was to develop and create content for an environment based on a class-developed theme on the Otis Island in Second Life, a massively multi-user online environment wherein users assume the point-of-view of customizable avatars, 3D characters created to represent users and to serve as proxies in interactions, to navigate through user-generated 3D rendered worlds.

The project required students to use team building, out-of-the-box creative thinking, 3D and 2D virtual tools as well as to work with a budget (3000 lindens per class), and with a limited amount of building blocks (3100 primitives per class). Each team/class proceeded to develop a production pipeline and a theme for their area. Three hours of in-class time and ten hours of outside of class time were devoted to this project. None of the 55 students had previous Second Life experience.


February 12, 2008

Member News: Leonard Shlain’s 2008 Lecture Schedule

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Leonard Shlain is a longtime friend of YLEM who has spoken at past forums. He is author of of three critically acclaimed, national bestselling, award-winning books: Art & Physics; The Alphabet Versus The Goddess; and Sex Time and Power. He is also the Chairman of Laparoscopic surgery at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and is an Associate Professor of Surgery at UCSF.

He reports that he is making slow but steady progress on a new book, Leonardo’s Brain: The Left/Right Roots of Creativity (there is a NPR radio interview this week, on New Dimensions radio with Michael Toms) and is announcing his speaking schedule for 2008.

His will also be conducting a weekend workshop at Esalen in Big Sur in October.

Leonard Shlain’s 2008 Speaking Schedule

A&P = Art & Physics
AVG = Alphabet Vs the Goddess
STP = Sex Time and Power
LB = Leonardo’s Brain

Feb 18: LB
Oxbow School of Art, Copia Auditorium, 500 First St., Napa, CA

March 7, 2pm
Role of Art in Healing
MOMA NY/Vanderbilt University/Society for Art in Healthcare

March 12, 6pm: A&P
Charter 100 550 Montgomery 11floor Executive Dining room, 6PM, SF, CA
Invitation Only. Email: bww@sglobal.net

March 17, 12pm : LB
Marin Philosophical Society Unitarian Church, Terra Linda, CA
Email Chaspoet@aol.com or call 415 596 5721

March 20, 4pm: AVG
Apple, Cupertino, CA
Invitation Only

March 24, 12:30pm: AVG
Tamalpais District Faculty Meeting, Tam High school, Caldwell Theater, Mill Valley, CA
Email llauter@redwood.org

March 26, 6:30pm: LB
Inside Edge, Faculty Club, UC Irvine
Email arealwin@aol.com

March 27, 12pm: AVG
Plenary Speaker, Ass Am Medical Colleges, San Diego, CA Marriot
Invitation only

March 29, 4:30pm: STP
Keynote, International Science and Consciousness Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico
La Fonda Hotel message@bizspirit.com

March 31, Workshop 10:30am
Newton’s Apple to Cezanne’s Apples: Revolutions in Concepts Concerning Gravity in Art, La Fonda Hotel,

March 31, 7:30pm
U of New Mexico, Auditorium of North Building

April 6-11: LB
Conference on World Affairs U of Colorado

April 16
Keynote Invitation only
Plastic Surgeon Conference, Philadelphia, PN

May 4: LB
California Judges Ass. Invitation only
Indian Wells, CA

May 7, 5pm
Pre Meds UC Berkeley Medical Ethics
Open to the public

May 13: AVG
Town Hall Lecture Series
Seattle, WA

May 14: STP
Becker Society, University of Washington, Seattle WA

May 28 – June 1
World Science Festival, NY

June 7: A&P
Oncure Medical Group Keynote Colorado Springs Broadmoor Resort
Invitation only

June 19-22: A&P
Media Ecology Association, Santa Clara, CA

Sept 25-27: STP
IdeaFestival, Louisville, KY

Oct 17-19: A&P, AVG, STP, LB
Esalen Workshop, Big Sur, CA

Nov 6-9
Mediterranean Association of International Schools, Madrid, Spain

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