William Shockley (1910-1989)

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August 11: Julie gets an email from Marcellino about Shockley, "You did get scared, didn't you, when you saw Bill heading to the sea? Well, I went there for a lunch break and I thought it was a good idea for him to catch some fresher air and enjoy the rides.

Here's a picture of him on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

I picked him up from Darin, took him to Santa Cruz, spent the night at my home in Milpitas and now handed it over to Glynn who hopefully should cover the last stride.

It seems like the pioneers like amusement rides. Noyce is currently missing at the state fair in Iowa, and Terman almost got to go to an amusement park in Ohio. Later on, Marcellino wrote:

I enjoyed participating to this "quest". It reminded me of some similar figures I helped to assemble back when I lived in Italy and volunteered at the local ambulance service. One of the other volunteers is someone who I find a very talented artist. His nickname is "Pakito" and he has also prepared the artwork of our ambulance service website I set up a year ago:


I'll look into my archive and try to find a picture or two of the actual "puppets" he designed.

Thanks for bringing back all of these memories to me. After
all, isn't this what art is all about?


August 11: Glyn Roberts writes in about Shockley, "Hello Artists & Organizers! Thanks for the great participation art! (You're welcome. Thanks for participating, Glyn!)

I got Bill from Darryn on Friday afternoon at ST.  Bill & I spent the evening together watching movies.  Bill seemed to really enjoy The Big Lebowski.  He fell over laughing several times.  Later I ask this pleasant enough, intelligent man, how could he become so angry and confused as to fall for the dogma of eugenics.  He wouldn’t engage me and just stared at the TV screen.  I think I offended him.  Sometimes we have to take that risk.

Even though he spent the night in the doghouse he seemed in good spirits this morning.  I told him we’re going to visit a fruit stand this afternoon.  Wait until he sees where it is!

Upon recovering Shockley, it seems that he no longer has his stand on the back. He is not quite as stable as he was as a youth.
August 12: Glyn phones to tell me he is taking Shockley to the fruit stand - the original site of Shockley Labs. I rush to meet him down there, as I fear the workers there will not know what to do with Shockley. Here he is by his sign and with Glyn waving good-bye.

While we were taking parting shots, Shockley noticed that Julie and her family had overlooked his plaque on the ground. It does indeed mention him by name, unlike the sign.

While Julie was carrying him to her car, they noticed that his spirit had escaped the cutout and was walking away into the valley.
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