Frederick Terman (1900-1982)

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Page 2 of Frederick Terman Travelogue by Julie Newdoll
August 4: We get a phone call from a man named Harry! Sorry, Fred, she didn't pick you up fast enough. Harry is going to put Fred in his mobile home and take him around the country on his way towards San Diego. Julie, Jim, Mike and Mario are all relieved that someone has decided to take him. Our spy, Dave, gives us a report, "After hearing your news, I went to see if Frederick was still there. He was gone! After a bit of a search I found him standing outside, about 40 feet from where he was this morning. He is now outside the door ways where all the shuttle buses line up to take people back to their hotels. I sat and watched to see if he was going to get loaded up into a motor home. I took three pictures of him standing there and just "scp-ed" the photos to you, like before. And then I waited a bit longer. A guy with white hair showed up in an orange shirt -- I think it is the same man I saw talking on the phone and reading the back of Fred. I remember the bright orange shirt. That is the uniform for the shuttle bus coordinators; a bright orange T-shirt. I had forgotten that piece of knowledge which I had figured out earlier in the week. The orange had stuck in my memory. So Fred is standing next to the shuttle bus coordinator table. Which makes perfect sense as then he (Harry) can watch over him until he gets off his job. So he is outside, but still sheltered by the road going over him. The shuttle bus pick up spot is on the lower level and there is a road in front of him and also above him. I did not talk to Harry as I wanted to keep the experience as "pure" as possible, in the wishes of abandonment."
August 6: Harry writes in with a photo next to his Mobile Home. He says, "Fred and I along with my wife Sandra have left Boston and are heading toward California. We are currently in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. We will depart East Stroudsburg on Monday and continue toward California. We will make a brief  stop in Falling Waters,  West Virginia and Dayton, Ohio and about 11 days in Chicago (where I will place Fred at the PGA Championship). If no one takes him, he will continue with Sandra and I.  We will take photos to document Fred's progress.
August 7: We get an email from someone named Barry. He says " My name is Barry and I work at Kings Island theme park in Cincinnati Ohio. I am a controls technician on all of the rides at the park. I think what you guys are doing is very cool. I was born and raised in the Valley and grew up learning about all of these guys as a local history. I am wondering if there is any way to get into contact with Harry who was going to be in Dayton which is very close to Kings Island. I would like to get Terman on to a few rides like the Beast and Son of Beast. I would gladly get Terman on his way to San Jose from here." Harry, are you reading this? What do you think? Now, I don't mind a few photos of Terman sitting on the Beast, but I do not think he should really ride it. He is rather old and frail at this point in his life and we don't want his wires breaking. Make sure you are easy on him, Barry, if you pick him up, o.k.? Many thanks - mom.
August 10: Harry was not able to meet up with Barry. Sorry about that, Barry. Harry did send in some photos of Terman for us at a Bar-B-Que by the mobile home - a bit more Terman's speed these days. Sandra is getting used to Terman. She was a bit hesitant at first, but now she includes him in all their dinners.
Harry and Sandra take Terman to the Air Force Museum. Terman was so excited about this! Unfortunately, they could not bring him inside. Harry writes, "We spent today (Tuesday August 9, 2006) visiting the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. Due to security concerns (that is the reason we use for everything and anything today) Fred remained outside." Well, if security had seen the battery connected to a cell phone, Terman might have been wisked away to the bomb squad. Good thing he stayed outside. The sign on his belt says in part, "HELP Please help me get to California. . . .If you would like to help Fred get to Stanford, you may take him." Perhaps three is a crowd in a Mobile Home?
August 16: Harry writes in with his adventures at the PGA (Professional Golf Association) tournament at the Medinah Country Club in Medinah, Illinois. What a hoot! His captions in black:

"Well we got to Chicago (Schaumburg, Il.), the location of the 2006 Professional Golf Association Championship. Fred went over to Medinah Country Club, in hopes of meeting some professional golf players , without success.


Fred met many people and attended a cook out.
Fred had a little too much California Wine and did a little cross dressing.

Do not click on this icon unless you are over 18 and have a good sense of humor!

Fred  again attempted to meet some professional golfers (without success).
Fred did meet a nice young cow in Illinois. Fred is still at the Championship and will continue to meet some players.
Fred had a slight accident ---- a gust of wind blew Fred over (after all we are near "The Windy City"). The accident caused him an injury (see photo near busses) However, it may have repaired his GPS as after the accident he transmitted a GPS signal. 
(Fred has usually been getting cell tower points, but not GPS locations for some reason)

Fred is a bigger partier than I had ever suspected. So is Harry, for that matter. Go, Fred!  

August 22: Update - we bought Harry a battery charger, because his trip is going at a leisurely pace and Fred was not going to last much longer. He has gotten him running again, but needs to call us so we can tell him the magic buttons to press on the phone to keep the light from coming on (thus wearing the battery down more quickly). Harry, you out there? Call in when you get a chance.
August 30: Harry writes to us from Missouri. Here are some classic pictures of Terman on a farm. I wonder how many people across America learned something about Silicon Valley because of this project? Harry told us thousands of people per day saw Fred at the PGA tournament, and he could have sent him on his way many times if Fred could have boarded a plane. Harry's captions are in black:

Fred's battery has been full charged and his "GPS" is working. We left Chicago and traveled south west to Missouri.

Fred seems to be a naturally likeable guy. Maybe one day I will travel Fred and Harry's historic route myself. Can I come by for some fresh corn, people?

Some local residents poised for some photos.

Fred will spend the next several days in and around Branson, Missouri. Then travel to Denver, Colorado area.

I love the haze in this picture. It makes me think Fred is heading for the land of Oz.

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